ESC Guideline Dyslipidaemias 2016 (Management of), engl.

Year of publication: 2016

Editing medical society(ies):
European Society of Cardiology (ESC)

Other medical societies involved: 9

Evaluation by Leitlinienwatch






Conflicts of interest are documented in detail. The declarations can be viewed on the homepage at https://www.escardio.org/static_file/Escardio/Guidelines/DOI/DOI_Summary_2016_Dyslipidaemias.pdf. The conflicts of interest are not evaluated.


Composition of the Guideline Working Group

Task force: 16 out of 19 members declare conflicts of interest. Document reviewers: 56 out of 74 declare conflicts of interest.


Independence of the Coordinators/Chairs/Lead AuthorsUnabhängigkeit der Vorsitzenden/federführenden Autoren

Both chairpersons declare conflicts of interest.


Abstention from Voting

There is no rule in place regarding abstention from voting in participants with COI.


External Review of the Guideline

There is no external review of the guideline.


Bonus Points

The guideline documentation does not indicate any further measures for reducing conflicts of interest.

Explanations to the evaluation criteria

Overall score


Good! (11-18)

Warning! (6-10)

Needs reform! (0-5)


Compared to the previous version from 2011 (2 points), there is no indication that the handling of conflicts of interest has improved. Conflicts of interest are disclosed transparently. The high percentage of participants with relevant conflicts of interest – none of whom face consequences for this – is problematic. As a new class of highly effective and costly lipid reducers (PCSK9 inhibitors) is coming on to the market, guidelines for handling conflicts of interest will need to be drawn up, and an effort will need to be made to recruit independent authors. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kardiologie (German Society of Cardiology) routinely adopts the ESC guidelines.

Note: This evaluation was conducted with due care on the basis of the published guideline. Should you still discover an error, please contact us at info@leitlinienwatch.de.